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"Oh Lover ...a fabulously colourful DVD that absolutely keeps the eyes peeled..also some colourful 70's disco influences." Rob Scott...Club Mo, Liquid Lounge

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Beats Rhymes Life

  • Fat Freddy's Drop

    It's a set littered with feral abandon, honest emotion and reggae spanktown. It defies categorisation.

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  • The Kooks

    It is positively more civilised that your average bash at any other venue in the UK, inside or out: four choices of plonk, bespoke ales and even a cheeky little barbecue. We could almost be at a Democrat fund-raising summer party.

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  • Bestival

    Admittedly after braving war-torn Serbia with the Exit Festival last year, opinion declared that Bestival on the Isle of Wight was going to be as challenging as a regional farmer's market.

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  • The Pretenders

    Eight songs in and the girlfriend is slumped over the balcony - and with a lifetime's quota of Country and Western fulfilled it's time to leave.

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  • Jamie Cullum

    I break into a smile when six sophisticated foodies actually put their umbrellas up INSIDE THE TENT. I won't lie - it does not get much more rock and roll.

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  • Will and the People

    This is the sort of venue that cigarettes were invented for and I chasten myself for not frequenting this quirky little shindig during the glory days.

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  • De La Soul

    Gently sipping my Harold, I am hoping that Giles Coren is going to mosey on past whereupon I chase after him and beg for some work experience. As this is his neck of the words and I need a job.

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  • Groundation

    We stumble down Rivington Street blissfully ignorant of life's beautiful struggle, holding on to the moment just gone. Groundation.

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The Artful Dodger

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