Artist Harry Court


"Oh lover....Virtually perfect for a late night venue....attention paid each and everytime." Jamie Allen, C103, Envy

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Brighton and Hove's leading record label answers questions about what it takes to become an independent record label in the vibrant music community that is Brighton and Hove and any other questions you might want to ask us?

  • What do the initials C M P stand for or mean ?

    Community , Music and Performance.

  • Which genre does CMP Artists specialise in?

    None, as CMP Artists is a non-genre-specific record label!

  • How many artists are on the label?

    An indefinite number, as CMP Artists is in its first stages of infancy!

  • Where do the CMP Artists spawn from?

    From the deep depths of Talentville. It's not on the map, only we know how to get there.

  • What's the best venue in Brighton and Hove?

    It changes from month to month, it depends where our artists are playing!

  • Why Brighton and Hove?

    We have found that the music scene in Brighton and Hove is far superior to it's surrounding areas. There are music events on every night of the week.

  • Does the label have it's own studio?

    Of course! The best of the best.

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