Artist Harry Court



10/10 Good video"
DJ Ian Davies Destiny, Liquid, Play Syndicate

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What our rock fans and supporters have to say about Redvers Downs

As part of our drive to release quality diverse rock music and amazing 3D animated videos, we have included the views of our fans and supporters as testament to our musical creativity.

  • "Wow!"

  • "Oh Lover...I must have been living in a box or summat to miss this tune,just love it.So retro and DOORS feeling ,video looks stunning ..really really."

  • "How excellent is Iafra!? Where has he been....forever?"

  • "OH LOVER TRACK AND VIDEO Good track and good video to go with it,it's getting people moving in all the venues I play in."

  • "Hundred Acre Childhood is my new favourite 'drive to work' song"

  • "OH LOVER TRACK AND VIDEO The video is working well and feedback is good, comes across well."

  • "OH LOVER TRACK AND VIDEO 10/10 Good video"

  • "Oh lover....Virtually perfect for a late night venue....attention paid each and everytime."

  • "Oh Lover....the red graphics light up the screen,good colours nice video"

  • "Oh Lover....good tune video works well with it, getting noticed in the club."

  • "Oh Lover...a very sixties video thats going down well in the pub late on."

  • "Oh Lover...Like this dvd a lot,very Hi Tech."

  • "Oh Lover....absolutely fantastic video, this had people stopping to take a look."

  • "Oh Lover...Sounding like a clash between the DOORS and DURAN DURAN,the video is a visual delight!"

  • "Oh Lover ...a fabulously colourful DVD that absolutely keeps the eyes peeled..also some colourful 70's disco influences."

  • "Oh Lover ...Clever animation,the visuals are great, sounds a bit like The DOORS."

  • "oh Lover ...the colours look great on the club screen and catches the eye of the customer"

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